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ZOBHA Sulphate Free Shampoo with Pure Argan Oil

ZOBHA Sulphate Free Shampoo with Pure Argan Oil

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  • Product Description
  • Product Description

    • Get Straight & Shiny hair

    • Pure Potent Argan Oil

    • Colour Protection Formula

    • Healthy & Tangle-Free hair.

    • Available In: 500ml

    Product Details

    Colouring Hair is a common routine of most people, especially women. However, the longevity of the colour will depend on how well you take care of your hair. Recommending the best ever Sulphate Free Shampoo to extend the lifeline of hair colour, thus reducing fading. This will, in turn, prevent you from frequently dyeing your hair. Pure Argan Oil helps to hydrate and soften your hair with its high content of Antioxidants, Essential Fatty Acids and Vitamin E. The benefits of Pure Argan Oil naturally increase hair’s elasticity and consistently restore shine to dull and lifeless hair, It is also a powerful UV-protector and Free Radical Neutralizer.

    HOW TO USE..?

    Soak your wet hair.
    Apply Sulphate Free Shampoo along with more water instead of more product.
    The water will help activate the shampoo and spread it through your hair.
    Shampoo twice without the foaming action, it’s harder to remove the dirt and oil from your hair.
    The second wash really lifts it out and cleans your hair.
    Plus, You’ll find the second wash lathers up more easily.
    Rinse your hair thoroughly.

    Major benefits of sulphate free shampoo there are lots of benefits of sulphate free shampoo.

    • After applying sulphate free shampoo, it reduces scalp irritation.
    • Argan oil shampoo helps to improve the frizz texture of hair and also tackles split ends.
    • Sulphate free shampoo reduces the irritation of the skin around the hair like the neck and back.
    • Using sulphate free Argan oil shampoo leaves hair extra softer and more conditioned.
    • Argan oil shampoo is rich in Vitamin E as a result it encourages healthy hair growth.
    • Argan oil provides stronger hair and reduces hair loss.
    • Sulphate free shampoo maintains the moisture of the hair so that hair shine naturally